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Welcome Back, Website Restored

By Cameron Dokey - February 9, 2019

Q: What does it take to make Seattleites long for rain?

A: Snow!

Dear Readers:

Welcome to 2019 and Seattle's coldest, snowiest February in thirty years. While the parts of the country accustomed to snowy conditions laugh and point, we hunker down. And some of us finally make time to tackle the to-do list of unfinished projects.

Such as getting this website back up and running.

Now that this has happened, there will be some changes coming along. New content to add, maybe a new look, but for now, please click on over to the contact tab and follow the link to my publisher, Simon and Schuster's, website. There, you'll find current information about my titles and how to have them for your very own. You'll also find a link to contact me, if you'd like to be in touch.

Here's hoping the new year brings us all many wonderful new adventures, in reading and in life.

Cameron Dokey

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