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Saying Goodbye to Maurice Sendak

By Cameron Dokey - May 16, 2012

It was with genuine sorrow that I opened the newspaper last week and read of the death of Maurice Sendak. It's really just the simple truth to say that I cannot imagine what my childhood would have been without him. I've always been so interested in the fact that Sendak was considered controversial because he showed childhood's dark side. But I have no recollection of finding Sendak's works scary as a child. Instead, they were fascinating--filled with detail and texture and sly humor. They might not depict scenes that were familiar, but they were, nevertheless, worlds that I recognized. Read more »

And Now for Something Completely Different ...

By Cameron Dokey - May 3, 2012

True confession: Much as I love to read, I am also a (gasp) television watcher. Now, don't get me wrong.I have my limitations. Situation comedies mostly make me want to run screaming from the room. But I have a remarkably high tolerance for cheesy sci-fi. This is directly related to the large amounts of it I watched as a young person. (Angry Red Planet, anyone?) But mostly, I'm an old movie kind of a gal. So currently, there's rather a lot of jubilation going on in my little house. Yesterday, the Roku followed me home. Read more »

Every Thank You Tells a Story, Part Two

By Cameron Dokey - April 26, 2012

Well, I knew it had to happen. I just didn't expect it to happen so soon. "Be consistent," Matt, my web designer told me. "You don't have to blog every week, but do it on a regular timeframe. That way, people will know when to come back to the site." Ok, I thought. I can do that. Every other week sounds about right. And, since my first post was on a Wednesday, that translated to every other Wednesday. I actually managed it for three weeks running. Then came last week--and this one too, if it comes to that. The weeks when If I Take On One More Thing My Head Will Explode. And the blog went down the drain. But the trouble with not doing something you've told yourself you absolutely will is that then you feel guilty about it. So instead of feeling relieved that I gave myself permission to take something off the list, I beat myself up. I mean, let’s face it: What kind of person puts off saying thank you? Read more »

Every Thank You Tells a Story. On Reading the Acknowledgements Page, Part One.

By Cameron Dokey - April 4, 2012

You want to get to the good stuff, and I understand. But before you dive right into Chapter One of that book you’re clutching in your hot little hands, let me just encourage you to make one small stop along the way. On the acknowledgements page. How come? Because every single thank you tells a story. Put them all together, and they help to tell the story of how the work you want to read came to be born. Read more »

They're Heeere ... Or, Coping With Revision Requests

By Cameron Dokey - March 21, 2012

I had it all planned. My second blog post was going to be all about why you should always read the acknowledgements page of that book you're holding in your hands. The post was going to be touching and profound--all about how who an author thanks can tell a story all its own. And then, of course, I would get to mention all the people I'd like to thank for my many wonderful years of being a working writer. That's when IT arrived. The e-mail from my current editor saying that the editorial packet was on its way. Not just a letter, mind you. An entire freaking PACKET. So I did what any sensible writer would do under the circumstances: I got depressed. Then, I got pissed off. Read more »
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