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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Signing

By Cameron Dokey - March 6, 2013

On Saturday, March 2nd, I had the very great pleasure of signing copies of my new title, KISSED, at my neighborhood bookstore, Magnolia's Bookstore. As always, my thanks go out to store owner, Georgiana, as well as my store co-worker, Amy, who came to fill in my spot behind the counter so I could sign. The bookstore staff have been incredibly loyal over the years. I've signed my books at the store since I first began to write--and long before I became a part-time employee. But they're not the only ones. Last Saturday's signing saw some old, and some new fans show up at the store. Not only that, they brought their own stories ...

In the "new" category, there are my wonderful neighbors, the Westerns, the Gregorys, and the Maifelds. Thanks, you guys. They are the counterpoints to Lauren, who lived next door long before I ever began to write. We're several blocks away now, but I think she's come to every single signing. I always sign a book to the whole family, including husband, John, and kids Benjamin and Emily, both of whom are all grown up now.

Long-time friends Janice and Greg, accompanied by Kay, arrived. I always forget that Janice and Greg want their own copies, although they are husband and wife! By the time I remembered (actually, they had to remind me) I had already signed one to them both. But since that one said, "Janice and Greg" I signed the second one to, "Greg and Janice." They have a good relationship. They'll figure it out. Kay had driven back from eastern Washington in time for the signing. Thank goodness for no snow!

But my favorite two stories, I must admit, are the tales of Dana, and Jennifer and Denis. Dana is a loyal bookstore customer who bought a copy of ONCE when it came out. Everybody who works at the store just adores him. He always has such a funny, positive outlook on life. So imagine how my outlook improved when he approached my signing table and said he needed four copies this time around! He'd loaned his copy of ONCE to three friends, all of whom had loved it and said things like ... "If she ever does another one ..." "I am not giving them my book this time!" Dana declared. So he bought a copy for each of his friends. Thank you, Dana. So thoughtful for all of us!

And last, but not least, we come to Jennifer and Denis, whom I have known for longer than I will choose to recount! They, too, have been incredible over the years--I think they've come to every signing but one, when they were out of town. They arrived toward the very end of this one. Jennifer was positively roaring with laughter the moment they hit the door. Denis, always a little quieter, had a decided twinkle in his eye. Their tale: They had set out from neighboring Queen Anne to head to Magnolia for the signing. Say, fifteen minute drive. But on the way, their car broke down! They had it towed to the shop, got it fixed, and still showed up at the signing! If that's not friendship, I sure don't know what is. Thanks, you guys. And it makes me even more happy that the main character of my next book, Zack's Story (Boys Camp #1) is named for their son. Even if he does spell his name Zach.

Thanks to everyone who came to the signing. I appreciate your support!

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