A collection of three of Cameron's best-loved fairy tale retellings, KISSED delivers Belle, Sunlight and Shadow, and Winter's Child all in one volume.

Belle has a name that means Beauty, but compared to her awe-inspiringly beautiful sisters, she's sure her name is wrong. So she withdraws from society to concentrate on an unusual artistic talent. It comes in handy when her father is held captive by a terrifying Beast. Will Belle's beauty, talent and brains be enough to not only save the day but help her win true love? Find the answers in Belle.

Mina is a child of two worlds, the daughter of the Mage of the Day and the Queen of the Night. But when her father kidnaps her, determined to use her to bend an ancient prophecy to his will, Mina discovers she has a will of her own, both in Sunlight and Shadow

Adventuresome Grace and serious Kai have been best friends for all their lives. But when Kai suddenly declares his love and asks her to marry him, Grace is taken completely by surprise. Her spontaneous rejection sends Kai on an adventure of his own. Can Grace find him and her own heart at the same time? The answer can be found in the pages of Winter's Child



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