A collection containing Before Midnight, Golden, and Wild Orchid.

Cendrillon has been forbidden by her father to ever leave their estate, much less visit the king's court. But with a royal ball approaching, Cendrillon will challenge her father's iron rule, and put her  her courage and understanding of love to the test. All this ... Before Midnight.

In Golden, Rapunzel, bald and without hope of growing hair, must break an enchantment to free her heart, and the heart of the daughter of the sorceress who has raised Rapunzel as her own. But a betrayal threatens to trap the two young women.  Will they be cursed forever? Or, even from the top of an ivory tower, can Rapunzel find the way to win true love?

Disguised as a boy, Mulan joins the military in Wild Orchid. But she never expects to find a friend, let alone a soul mate, in the commander of her division, Prince Jian. Mulan never doubts her courage with a bow and arrow, but is she brave enough to share her true identity with the prince and risk her heart?


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