Washington Avalanche, 1910

Washington Avalanche, 1910

"Buried alive..."

Desperate to escape her cruel stepbrother, Ginny Nolan races onto a train heading west to Seattle. On the train she meets Virginia Hightower, who is en route to Seattle to marry a man she's never even met. Eager to help her newfound friend, Ginny suggests that they switch identities -- to confuse her stepbrother who is in pursuit and to check out Virginia's fiance, Nicholas Bennett. It's the perfect solution for both young women -- until Nicholas appears on board and sweeps Ginny off her feet....

Ginny must tell Nicholas the truth. Even if it drives him from her side. But not even in her wildest dreams can she imagine what is to come -- a roar in the night as a mountain of snow engulfs the train, testing the limits of human endurance, loyalty...and love.


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