While Cinderella has never been one of my favorite fairytales, Cameron Dokey has put such a unique, and intercultural French spin on it, that it has quickly one a place in my heart. From page one, Dokey's profound, lyrical writing sparkles.

- Erika Sorocco

In this retelling of "The Ballad of Mulan" for the young adult reader, told in the first person, Cameron Dokey breathes fresh life into an archetypal story of a cross-dressing young woman who goes to war in defense of her beloved China and in place of her father. We are quickly won to the side of its heroine. Elegant in its simplicity, Wild Orchid is also deep in its exploration of conventions associated with culture--from expected obedience of children, to the power of a mother-in-law, to gender and class divisions. Highly recommended.

- Eileen Charbonneau, Historical Novels Review

I wanted to hug this book literally when I was done. Perfect . Exactly what a true fairy tale should be. I'm seriously thinking about reading ALL Rapunzel retellings to see if there is one out there that can do it better than Dokey.

- Good Reads

Jo O'Connor feels that she's finally settling in to her new house in Seattle, and her new school, Beacon High. She's met a great new guy, Alex Crawford, who genuinely likes her, and who she actually likes back. And for the first time in her life she actually has a best friend, Elaine Golden. All that is just fine until Jo's father tells her a story. One that will change her life, and her complete identity, forever, and will force her to leave Beacon High (under very strange rules), and force her to attend a new high school, and move to a new apartment, only a few miles away, under the name Claire Calloway. That's all just fine and dandy, until Alex starts seeing Jo's ghost, and Claire's (Jo) got to find a way to stop the mass-hysteria that has begun at Beacon High over her strange disappearance. Being a fan of Cameron Dokey's THE STORYTELLER'S DAUGHTER and BEAUTY SLEEP, I just new that I had to check out HOW NOT TO SPEND YOUR SENIOR YEAR. Let me tell you, this is one of the funniest, and most original books to hit the teen fiction genre in quite some time. Jo (Claire) is a smart, and funny chracter, who's witty one-liners keep you rolling on the floor laughing. While her friends quirky personalities hold your interest, and keep you begging for more. Reminiscent of the new SmoochYA series, the Simon Pulse Teen Romantic Comedy series will keep you wishing for the perfect guy to come along, while at the same time have you howling as you turn the pages. A must-have for all. Especially teenage girls.

- Erika Sorocco